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Bryant Asset Insurance Consulting, a division of Bryant Asset Protection, Inc., provides independent consulting services to New York State school districts, private schools, BOCES, and colleges. Our sole job is to provide the most competitive pricing environment with an independent coverage review, enabling you to realize the best price in the marketplace for the broadest coverage. We help you fulfill your fiduciary duty for spending tax dollars for insurance in the most judicious basis. Conflicts of interest can arise within the current agency structure to handle the RFP process and it is too time-consuming and requires too much expertise for you to handle internally.

Bryant Asset Insurance Consulting’s original affiliation was with New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) who approached us to provide this service to their members. BOCES also realized the benefit to its component school districts for an independent review and competitive bidding environment so a CoSer was developed for this service.




Bryant Asset Insurance Consulting for New York State School Districts

This expert review delivers results you need. Here’s why….

  • Periodic insurance examinations help the board and school leaders better understand the current coverages and identify areas of uncovered risk, leading to better protection and risk management.
  • Districts often realize significant financial savings and enhanced insurance coverage when subjecting their insurance program to rigorous review and independent based consulting bidding process.
  • This service will help your District comply with its fiduciary responsibility to maintain the highest standards of fiscal management and responsibility regarding insurance.
  • On average, school districts have saved 18% over prior year premiums – while often staying with the same agent and carrier.

What does this comprehensive process include?

  • A complete review of adequacy of current coverage.
  • A review of school risk profile, loss or claim patterns and fixed asset inventory.
  • A review of staff and student data.
  • Update district data with impact on coverage.
  • Prepare and disseminate a Request for Proposal (RFP) and associated documents to bidders.
  • Receive, review, evaluate and score proposals from the bidders.
  • Prepare and deliver final report with recommendations to the board and district staff. 

How will the District benefit?

  • Compliance with New York State’s Competitive Bidding requirements.
  • Minimal time commitment from school business officials while still providing a full Property & Casualty Insurance RFP.
  • Independent update of statistics and data affecting premium costs.
  • Independent review of current policy coverage levels
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) for your insurance quotes from multiple companies.
  • Professional evaluation of proposals with a third-party scoring.
  • Potential for savings in premiums and broader coverage.


Steven A. Tommasone ~ Town Supervisor ~ Town of Rotterdam, NY

“In 2017, the Rotterdam Town Board decided to engage Bryant Asset Protection to provide services related to our Request for Proposals process and acquire insurance quotes for our towns coverage. Jeff Bryant and his team furnished our town with an exceptional level of service and advised the potential respondents throughout the process. Bryant reviewed our existing policies and identified brokers in our market area who had the capacity to bid our town’s coverage. They then evaluated the proposals received and made final recommendations to us and as a result we were able to reduce our overall premiums by approximately $30,000 in 2018. Bryant’s knowledge of the marketplace, coupled with their understanding of our Town’s business, gives us a high level of confidence that we’ve received value for our taxpayers.”

Steven A. Tommasone | Town Supervisor | Town of Rotterdam, NY

Chris Abdoo ~ Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD ~ Burnt Hills, NY

“Jeff and his staff were very professional and guided us through the whole process. The end result was a significantly better price for our insurance policies and better coverage for the district. I would highly recommend this service to any interested school districts that are considering a RFP for their insurance policies”

Chris Abdoo | Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD | Burnt Hills, NY

Bill Hogan ~ City School District of Albany, NY

“Jeff Bryant provides a comprehensive service and client-friendly approach in reviewing an organization’s insurance coverage, potential risk areas, and pricing. We found his work to be thorough and his recommendations to be sound. I highly recommend Mr. Bryant”

Bill Hogan | City School District of Albany | Albany, NY

Laura Newman ~ Commack UFSD ~ Northport, NY

“The process of managing risk assessment and insurance coverage for a school district can be a daunting task. To be able to have an expert in the insurance field not only obtain multiple proposals, but to also review the levels and types of insurance currently maintained gives peace of mind. I was able to ask a myriad of questions”

Laura Newman | Commack UFSD | Northport, NY

Mark M, CFO ~ Onondoga Community College, NY

“I would highly recommend Jeff and his team to anyone that is looking to ensure they have the most competitive pricing available for their insurance coverage’s. The team at Bryant Asset Protection did a great job in conducting our RFP for both property/liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance and produced a very thorough report realizing an annual savings of over 19% (approximately $85,000) as a result of this process. We also realized significant savings on the worker’s compensation coverage by switching to another carrier”

Mark M, CFO | Onondoga Community College | Onondaga, NY

Thomas Reardon ~ Wynantskill UFSD, NY

“I want to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude for the attention your company provided during our school insurance audit. While we ultimately remained with our original carrier, your examination of our policy and your detailed report made the investment completely worthwhile and resulted in significant realignments of our deductibles to reflect our current level of risk, and actually resulted in adding additional coverage to reflect our changes in technology infrastructure. It should also be noted that we benefited from an overall savings that made the audit an entirely valuable experience (economically and security-wise). I would have no hesitate to do business with Bryant Asset Protection in the future”

Thomas Reardon | Wynantskill UFSD | Wynantskill, NY

Robert S. Schneider COO ~ New York State School Boards Association

“Bryant Asset Protection offered comprehensive school district insurance audit consulting services as a NYSSBA school services partner for several years. Their company successfully conducts reviews and analysis for schools throughout New York State. Their important analysis of current insurance status and RFP Program has provided for a truly competitive environment for districts renewal pricing while enhancing coverages ultimately resulting in cost savings as well as tighter risk coverage for those contracted districts.”

Robert S. Schneider COO | New York State | School Boards Association

Joe Barretta ~ Assistant Superintendent of Business ~ Clinton Central School District


“Recently Clinton Central School District contracted with Bryant Asset Protection Inc. to assist administration in reviewing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for property and casualty insurance.  Jeff Bryant and his team were very professional, provided us with an exceptional level of service and helped us understand the complex insurance proposals that were presented to the District. Their report was comprehensive, organized and easy to follow.  I highly recommend Bryant Asset Protection Inc. to assist in providing a comprehensive insurance analysis to any school district or municipality.”

Joe Barretta | Assistant Superintendent of Business | Clinton Central School District

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